Queer Mistress NYC Philadelphia

What makes you feel most alive? What drives you? What kind of person do you want to be? How far are you willing to go to touch these exquisite truths?

Author and philosopher Henry David Thoreau wrote, “Not until we are lost do we begin
to understand ourselves.”

I invite you to lose & find yourself with Me.

My name is Parker Penn, but you may call Me Domina, Mx Penn, Boss, or, if you earn it, Daddy. I’m a Professional Dominatrix and playful sadist based in NYC and Philadelphia, specializing in intentional, bespoke BDSM and sensual kink. I’m femme but not your average “girl-next-door.” I ride a motorcycle (read: leather Femme Daddy), practice yoga, am finishing a MA degree, identify as queer & ethically non-monogamous, and am at heart a big lit & art nerd.

My approach to BDSM is deeply informed by these passions. With an academic
background in English literature, My talents lie in close-reading and textual analysis.
Bring to Me the fodder of fantasy. I will read between the lines of your desires, find you
in the details, show you who you are when you are stripped down to bare form and
confronted with your margins, and you will kneel before Me, raw, humble, beautiful, and

I abhor the ordinary, the thoughtless, the mundane, and celebrate radiant curiosity for
the unknown, the unexpected, and the hard-won. Come to Me as you are, and I will
unfurl you. If you are seeking something real and you’re willing to show devotion,
humility, and reverence, we will likely get along famously.

The Villainelle

Queer Mistress NYC Philadelphia

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