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Are you the curious adventurer who has been wondering about “dark” tantra?


Tantra is all about connecting with your body and partner and experiencing the world around you in a different way. It is about slowing down and focusing on the sensations of your body and mind, both physical and emotional. And while it may sound intimidating at first, learning to practice mindfulness in sensual and kinky ways can heighten your erotic experiences in profound ways! 

So why contact a dominatrix for kink-infused tantra in NYC?

Dominatrixes are experts at helping people reach new heights of intense sensation, be that through pain or pleasure. As an experienced Domme and tantric guide, I can lead you through this practice of exploration safely. I find that tantra and BDSM have a lot of overlap and thus are extremely complimentary. Both BDSM and tantra are sense-based, or sensual, practices, if you will, and when combined can be a mind-blowing experience in connection, trust, vulnerability, and being present in your body.

Why Try “Dark” Tantra in NYC? 

NYers are a special breed; we move fast and often only slow down to sleep, and even then we operate at a deficit. As a result, we are easily disconnected from being attentive to our bodies, since we are leading so much of our lives at the speed of thought up in our heads. If you want to experience more pleasure and connection to new heights of your sensual self and your own energy, then “dark” tantra might be a good fit for you. It can help you achieve deeper intimacy and connection, and it will give you more control over your own sexuality. 

Because tantra is just not about sex—it’s about mindfulness, connection, and sensation – this is what makes it so powerful. When we use our bodies and hone our attentiveness to connect with others, in this way, we can feel closer to them than ever before. We open ourselves up in ways that allow us to experience real intimacy with another person on a spiritual level. When we do this with a partner who has been trained in tantric techniques (like me!), it can be life-changing!

If you seek to learn more about the dark and sensual side of Tantra in New York City, or Philadelphia, contact me today.  

Queer Mistress NYC Philadelphia

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