Dominance Done Differently.

Chicago NYC Bondassage Expert

I invite you to lose & find yourself with Me.

My name is Parker Penn, but you may call Me Ms Penn, Boss, or Daddy. I’m formidably femme but not your average girl-next-door. I ride a motorcycle, practice yoga, attend grad school, and am at heart a big lit & art nerd.

I abhor the ordinary, the thoughtless, the mundane, and celebrate radiant curiosity for the perverse, unknown, the unexpected, and the hard-won. Come to Me as you are, and I will unfurl you. My approach is untraditional & combines various healing modalities from BDSM to tantra. If you demonstrate devotion, humility, and reverence, we will likely get along famously.


Parker Penn

Connect. Release.

Chicago NYC Bondassage Expert

You can find me advertised on the following sites:, Dickie Virgin, and Slixa.

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